How Often Should A Commercial Kitchen Be Professionally Cleaned

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One of the critical factors to a restaurant’s success is cleanliness. Keeping a clean and sanitary commercial kitchen is essential for food safety and passing health inspections. We offer inside and outside restaurant cleanings here at Elite Power Washing. We are happy to help you in Pensacola, FL, and surrounding cities. 

What Is A Commercial Kitchen

Perhaps you are questioning what a commercial kitchen even is. A commercial kitchen is a thoroughly equipped kitchen when rented out. Commercial kitchens are also community, shared kitchens, or food innovation centers. 

A commercial kitchen differs from a residential or domestic kitchen by the quality of cooking equipment and has more heavy-duty cooking equipment than other types of kitchens. You will find heavy-duty cooking equipment in a commercial kitchen, such as deep-fryers, walk-in coolers, ovens, grills, and more. 

Why Your Commercial Kitchen Should Be Cleaned

It is essential to maintain the cleanliness of your commercial kitchen. If your commercial kitchen isn’t correctly cleaned, there is a risk of foodborne illness from a lack of kitchen sanitation. If customers catch a foodborne disease from unsanitary practices, it may threaten your business. Customers can potentially see foodborne illnesses from an unsanitary commercial kitchen: listeriosis, campylobacteriosis, hepatitis A, and many more. 

The fire risk is another reason your commercial kitchen needs cleaning. The risk of fire is due to dirty equipment in the kitchen. Grease, open flames and electrical issues with cooking equipment all create fire hazards for your commercial kitchen. Cleaning your kitchen can lower the possibility of foodborne illnesses and fires. 

How Often Should Your Commercial Kitchen Be Cleaned

Every restaurant or business has a different outlook on how often they clean the kitchen. All commercial kitchens need cleaning daily and deep cleaned sometimes as often as once a week. Some restaurants only have their commercial kitchen cleaned yearly for insurance and health inspection purposes. 

Some kitchens ignore the need for cleaning and worry about potentially being shut down or paying fines. This presents a significant risk to the success of your business. We can help you keep your business successful by professionally cleaning your commercial kitchen.

What Is Included In A Professional Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

At Elite Power Washing, we use many methods to clean your commercial kitchen professionally. Only a professional should use specific deep cleanings for your kitchen, such as power washing. Power washing cleans the built-up dirt and greases off your cooking equipment, walls, and floors. There are a variety of cleaning services that you can choose from to have your kitchen professionally cleaned:

  • Removal of built-up grease 
  • Deep cleaning of ceilings, walls, and floors
  • Sanitizing countertops, sinks, and cooking equipment
  • Replacement of all cooking equipment filters 
  • Emptying and sanitation of grease traps

These are just a few examples of things a professional business can do to clean your commercial kitchen. We can help you create a plan for cleaning your kitchen.

Get In Touch With Us

Elite Power Washing has the experience and equipment you are looking for to clean your commercial kitchen. We are happy to help you clean your restaurant inside and out. We can schedule cleanings that work best with your business hours. Contact us today for a free estimate if you want to have your commercial kitchen professionally cleaned in Destin, FL, and surrounding areas.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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