Can I Pressure Wash My Windows?

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Can I Pressure Wash My Windows?

At Elite Power Washing in Pensacola, FL we offer professional power washing services. We are experts in our field and we love to help you. Our customers often ask if it’s safe to pressure wash their windows. The answer is yes, but it can be a little challenging. You need to have the right tools and use some safety precautions.

Tips for Pressure Washing Windows 

  1. Close the windows: This seems very obvious but before you start you want to make sure all the windows are shut. Also pay close attention to cracks in the glass and bubbles in the fittings. If you find any leaks you need to fix them to prevent the water from getting inside your house. Don’t forget to take off the screens. They can’t be power washed as the pressure can cause rips and tears. If you want to wash them later you can just use a regular hose.


  1. Avoid cracking hazards: There are different mistakes that can cause you to crack the windows. It’s very important that you put on the widest nozzle you have. Usually the 40- degree white one is the most gentle. It’s also fundamental to choose the lowest setting for the same reason. Make sure you turn the dial all the way down and keep the pressure low at all times. While spraying, stay at least 3 to 5 feet away from your window to avoid excessive strain.


  1. Pay attention to the window frames: If they are made of vinyl or aluminum they are not likely to be damaged. With wooded window trimmings you need to pay special attention, pressure washers can damage or chip the wood. Also make sure the area around the frame is intact and sealed to prevent ulterior damage or water leaking. Remember to stand off to the side and not directly in front of the windows to lessen the pressure, avoiding blemishes. 


  1. Never use a ladder: It is very dangerous. The pressure washer has a kick back that can throw off your balance and cause you to fall. If you have a house with multiple floors you can safely use an extension wand. In alternative you can utilize a second-story nozzle, also called turbo nozzle. This kind of tool has the strength of a 0 degree opening but it rotates, spraying the water in a spiral. This combination gives you a higher reach allowing you to safely clean the second-story windows.


  1. Work quickly: If you don’t want the mixture of soap and water to dry on the glass causing streaking it’s necessary to act fast. For the same reason,especially during the summertime, it’s better to start your cleaning early in the morning. Rinsing off your windows well will also help reduce marks. Don’t forget to empty the water tank and to carefully clean it of all the soap before you start rinsing. If you really want to make sure there are no streaks use a squeegee before the glass is dry. Be careful to follow all of the steps above to avoid cracking your windows or ruining your window frames, especially if your house is older.


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Pressure washing your windows can be tiring and leave a lot of margin for damage if you are not a professional. Elite Power Washing LLD can provide you with premier pressure washing services. We are proud to serve our community in Mobile and the surrounding areas. Call us today for a free quote or to ask us any questions through our website. We are here to protect and restore life and value to your property.

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