Will A High Pressure Wash Damage My Home?

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Pressure washing a home has become a popular home project among DIY’ers. When done correctly, power washing can offer a very satisfying outcome. There’s nothing quite like seeing the visible progress of years of dirt and grime disappear before your eyes. However, if not done properly, it can cause damage to the exterior of your home.

 It is important to consider the safety of yourself and those around you while pressure washing. Additionally, the exterior appearance is at stake. Take caution when using pressure washing equipment. 

High Pressure Tips And Tricks For Optimal Results And Safety

Pressure Washing can be very tedious work. Damage can occur to siding and exterior fixtures if not handled with great care. Below are some common tips and tricks for maintaining your siding when using a pressure washer. 

  • If you’re cleaning wood siding, decking or even fencing, use great caution by not placing the tip of the sprayer too close. If the tip is too close to the wood surface, it can cause stripping or warping and in some cases, even develop holes in the wood siding. Vinyl siding can be equally fragile when dealing with the tip being too close. This will result in holes and cracking in your vinyl siding. 
  • Avoid exterior electrical outlets. It’s a good idea to wear gloves and rubber soled shoes while pressure washing your home. Anytime you combine water with an electric pressure washer, it could potentially become dangerous. Use caution when cleaning and spraying near outdoor electrical outlets. 
  • Take extra caution around your exterior windows. Energy efficient, argon gas filled windows could lose their seal if too much pressure is applied to the area around the seal. This would result in your windows losing some of their energy efficiency. In addition to breaking the seal on your windows, you could also break or crack the glass. Which would result in needing to replace your window. 
  • Stay away from shingles. Using a pressure washer on your shingles would void any warranty they may have. It could cause costly damage resulting in shingle replacement. There are ways to clean roofing materials. However, pressure washing is not one of those ways. 
  • It seems obvious to state that you should choose a good detergent to use when pressure washing. Using the detergent helps to loosen existing dirt and grime. Resulting in easier removal and less pressure.
  • Pay careful attention to where you’re pointing the pressure tip. Do not ever point the pressure tip at others or yourself. It can cause injury and will likely peel the skin off whatever it is pointed at. 

If you are not experienced at using pressure washing equipment, it is possible for you to do damage to the exterior of your home. Pressure washers typically run between 2000 and 4000 PSI and are very powerful tools. If you are unsure about this type of work, please leave it to experts. No one wants a day of outdoor home projects to end in a trip to the local ER or with damage to your home’s exterior. 

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