Does Getting Rid of Mold and Mildew Help Protect Your Florida Home?

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Living in Florida has many perks. Mold and mildew are not one of those. There are many reasons mold growth can happen in your home. You will want to keep things clean and tidy around the house. If you are new to the area, you might want to talk to your friends and neighbors near you about what they use to prevent and get rid of mildew. Elite Power Washing can help you as well. 

Best Way To Prevent Mold In Your Home

You might be wondering how you can prevent mold and mildew growth in your home. There are many ways, but here are four simple ways to get you started. 


  • Completely clean and dry up all spills within 24 hours. 
  • Building materials and carpets that have gotten wet need drying out within 24 hours. 
  • Bathrooms and basements should not be carpeted. 
  • Use an AC or a dehumidifier to reduce the indoor humidity levels below 60%.


These are just a few ways to help prevent growth. There are many other ways as well. It would be best if you kept your home clean and dry. If not correctly cared for, there can be many issues, from your home needed work to your health. 

Is It Common In Florida?

Do you know what mold is? It’s a type of fungi that grows in many different conditions. You can have it indoors or outdoors. It’s usually harmless in small amounts but can become dangerous. Moisture is the one thing it needs to grow. If you have a home with high humidity levels, you feed the mildew, and it spreads exceptionally quickly.

You will find some common things to look for when you think you have mold in your home. There is a very recognizable smell. Are you having unexplained health problems? You could have a water leak or damage, especially during the rainy season, which can be detrimental. Visible spores are the simplest ways to know what’s going on. 

Does Your AC Prevent Mold?

Having a warm and humid home is where mold and mildew will thrive. Did you know that your air conditioner is created to help dehumidify your home? It removes the moisture from the conditioned air, preventing mold growth. You can use your air conditioner to keep your humidity level below 60%, however 50% is best. 

A preventive step will be to make sure you run your air conditioner when it is humid weather. Stale air is something else mildew loves. When you continue to run your air conditioner, you provide the proper air circulation, which will help prevent growth.  

Is It Safe To Live In A Home With Mold

Mold can cause a wide range of health issues. If you touch any spores, you could develop an allergic reaction. The reaction can consist of a runny nose, sneezing, skin rash, and red eyes. If you have a more severe reaction, it could cause shortness of breath. If you have asthma, touching a spore can induce an asthma attack. 

If you have infants, small children, or the elderly in the home, they are more sensitive to mold and mildew. Someone with chronic lung disease or immunocompromised is also at risk of developing an allergic reaction. 

Call Our Team Today

If you live in the Destin, Florida, area, let the team at Elite Power Washing help you get rid of the mold and mildew in and around your home. We look forward to your call and helping keep your family and home safe. Your safety is just as important to us as it is to you. Give us a call today.  

Keep in mind that a home with low humidity and cleaning up any liquid quickly is the best option for managing mold and mildew.

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