Why Roof Cleaning Is Important

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Roof replacement can be a huge headache, inconvenience, and expense. Taking proper care of your roof can help save you from all of these. One thing that may help extend the life of the roof is to have the roof professionally cleaned. Roof cleaning is not only beneficial for aesthetics, but can also help prevent degradation and deterioration of the roof. 

A Clean Roof Helps Curb Appeal and Integrity of the Roof

Having a house with a dirty roof can ruin the home’s curb appeal. When selling a house, it’s important to do the most you can to promote curb appeal to bring the highest price. Having the roof cleaned by a professional can help eliminate elements that damage and degrade the roof. What elements can degrade the roof?

Eliminate Moss, Algae, and Lichens

As a roof is exposed to the elements day in and day out, it can be subject to the damaging effects of sun, dirt, and other debris. While rainfall does a good job of helping to remove some of the appearance of the dirt and debris, some of the more stubborn elements like fungus, algae, and moss require professional strength cleaning. 

  • Algae appears as a black stain on the roof. GM algae is a type of bacteria that uses asphalt and limestone in roofing as a food source. It typically grows in shaded, cool, and moist areas of the roof and appears blue-green in color in areas with minimal light. More shaded areas typically contain more algae, which is one explanation of why some roofs are stained more on one area. These types of algae can harbor mold, which is known to naturally break down the roof materials.
  • Lichens are a combination of fungus and algae. They are plant-like organisms that contain root-like tentacles that attach themselves to the roofing material. Harder to remove from the roof, lichens can reappear with higher humidity and rain. 
  • Moss is an actual plant unlike lichens and algae, and it requires a lot of moisture to survive. It contains a shallow root system, and thrives in areas with less sunlight, as they tend to remain damp for longer periods of time. 


Algae spores can be transported by animals or wind and can spread quickly from rooftop to rooftop in neighborhoods. Overhanging tree branches can provide shade on a roof, as well as drop food sources for algae, lichens, and moss. Keeping trees trimmed back off roof lines can be helpful in limiting physical damage from the branches themselves while also limiting the shade to the roof. 

How Professional Roof Cleaning Can Help 

Stains begin to damage the shingles and can even cause wood rot, leading to expensive repairs and even a shorter lifespan of the roof. Professional roof cleaning can help to eliminate stains, moss, algae, and lichens. The organisms literally eat away at your shingles, degrading them one day at a time. When you have the roof professionally cleaned, you can be sure that you’re eliminating the organisms properly. 


It’s important to hire a professional roof cleaning company, as trying to clean the roof yourself can sometimes cause more damage to the roof. A professional will generally use a professional strength biodegradable cleaning solution. The biodegradable cleaner is generally effective at helping to ward off stains as well. 

Give Us a Call for Roof Cleaning Services

Our professionally trained roof cleaning staff at Elite Power Washing can help with all your roof cleaning needs. We enjoy serving our customers in Destin, Milton, and Pensacola, Florida as well as Mobile, Alabama. Give us a call today to schedule your roof cleaning- you’ll be glad you did!

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