Why You Need Solar Panel Cleaning

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Many solar panel owners ignore the importance of cleaning their panels regularly. If you don’t do this often enough, the performance of your system will be decreased because of the repelling layer of grime on them. For this reason, periodical cleaning is extremely important if you want maximum results.

Here are a few major reasons to keep your solar panels clean:

Improve Efficiency

There is no doubt that cleaning your panels will increase their overall efficiency. According to many statistical observations, this efficiency and performance improvement can be dramatic, up to 21% in residential arrays and up to 60% in commercial installations. So it’s the best way to ensure that your panels are prepped for maximum efficiency. Regular cleaning can make a huge difference.

Enhance Quality

Solar panels are not cheap. You will spend a significant amount of money to have them installed in your home, so you want to ensure that you get the highest quality and ROI (return on investment) as soon as possible. If you don’t clean your panels regularly, it can dent your ROI time. On the other hand, cleaning them improves their efficiency as more light reaches the cells, and you get improved ROI. 

Aesthetic Appeal 

Keep your solar panels sparkling clean. Don’t have your panels aging faster than they have to and clean the dirt from adorning your rooftop. Similar to how important it is to clean the rest of your home, it is also essential to take proper care of your solar panels and clean them regularly. This kind of proper maintenance will make your home more aesthetically appealing to both you and your visitors.

Increase Durability 

There are lots of soft grains of sand, dust particles, and debris in the environment. These will eventually build up and contribute to wear and tear when you don’t clean your solar panels regularly. While it may not be obvious at first, over time your panels’ efficiency will decrease and you also risk ending up having equipment that fails much sooner.

Keep Warranty Valid

Many solar panel installation companies as well as manufacturers have specified regular cleaning as a warranty condition. You may not be covered by the warranty if there is no proof of regular cleaning. That’s why regular cleaning is recommended if you want to be on the safe side in case there is a malfunction at some point. 

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