Will Mold and Mildew Damage Your Home in Pensacola?

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Mold and mildew can lead to some pretty significant problems in your home. This problem is common when you live in an area with a lot of humidity and moisture. If you are in the Pensacola, FL area, Elite Power Washing can help you take care of those unwanted areas. 

Is It Dangerous To Live In A House With Mold?

Many people have pretty significant allergies to mold. It can affect a person with asthma very negatively as well. If you live in a home with a mold problem, you may not have put two and two together about the connection between symptoms you’re having and mold. 

Some of the common symptoms that people can experience when they live in a home that has a mold and mildew problem are:

  • Sneezing 
  • Congestion
  • Itchy Watery Eyes
  • Wheezing 
  • Coughing
  • Sore or Scratchy Throat
  • Skin Irritation or Rash
  • Chest Tightness
  • Runny or Stuffy Nose

If you don’t do anything about this, the problems can become increasingly worse over time. 

How Does Mold and Mildew Damage My Home?

Mold is sometimes not discovered until it has become a pretty serious situation in your home. Routine inspections of your home are ideal for making sure you are made aware of a mold problem as soon as possible. Some of the ways that mold and mildew can damage your home are:

  • Deteriorate Flooring and Wall Studs
  • Ruin Wallpaper
  • Destroy Ceilings and Drywall
  • Ruin Carpet

Another negative way mold can cause your home problems is when it gets in your heating and air unit. This is a challenging place to have to remove mold from. Not to mention that it is literally blowing all through your house when it is in there. 

Can You Repair Mold Damage?

One thing to prepare yourself for is that mold damage is very expensive to have repaired. It requires a lot of work and a lot of replacements, but it can be done. Depending on where it is in your home, things such as drywall, insulation, and ceiling tiles will need to be replaced. If it is in the air ducts, you may need new air vents and ducts.

One of the ways that you can remove mold and mildew from the exterior of your home before it becomes a serious problem is pressure washing. The pressure behind the water is enough to knock the substance off of the surface of your home. You can do this if you own a pressure washer and know the correct settings to use. If not, you can hire a professional to do this for you. 

Who Do You Call For Help?

There are a number of companies that specialize in mold removal services. You can research online or ask around for recommendations. Read reviews of the company that you are considering going with. You want a reputable and trustworthy company to provide these services to you. 

Mold removal is very expensive to have done, and you want someone who will be respectful and honest with you. Most of the time, the initial inspection is free to see how bad the damage is that you have. From there, they can advise you on what the next steps need to be. 

Contact Elite Pressure Washing Today

If you want to hire someone to help keep the exterior areas of your home nice and clean, contact Elite Pressure Washing today. Our trained and experienced employees are ready and willing to show you excellent customer service. We are located in Pensacola, FL, and provide services in the surrounding towns as well.

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