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3 Ways To Keep Your Gutters Clean in Florida

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It is important to think about your gutters on your home and have them cleaned. When you live in Florida, this can be a constant task that you have to do. There is a lot of rainy and stormy weather that can occur. 

Importance of Cleaning Out Your Gutters

Gutters are installed on the edges of your roof to help catch rainwater that slides off of your roof. It then flows down the spout at one of the corners of your home and runs into the ground. The main reason for gutters is to take the water away from your roof and the foundation of your home. 

You should clean them regularly to get rid of any debris that gets hung up in them. Some have what’s called a gutter guard on them and will help reduce the amount of debris that gets inside. If gutters get clogged, they can begin to leak and cause problems with leaks to your home. 

A Few Ways To Keep Your Gutters Clean

It is much easier to clean your gutters if you know the correct way to do it and keep it that way. There are a few things that you can try to help keep sticks, leaves, and debris that can end up in your gutters. You will still have to check on them regularly and clear out anything that slipped through. 

Surface-Tension Hood 

A surface-tension hood is installed onto your gutters to keep debris out of your gutter. There are small rounded openings that allow the water to flow in and keep the other stuff out. Smaller pieces can sometimes fit through but should be easily cleaned out. 

Most of the hoods that you can get to fit on your gutters clip on. They are designed to be easy to unclip to clean them when needed. The maintenance to these are pretty minimal. Although, occasional check-ups are a good idea. 

Foam Inserts

This is one of the easiest methods to use when trying to keep unwanted materials out of your gutters. It is a piece of foam that sits right inside of your gutters. The foam takes up the majority of the space, only allowing enough room for water to run through. 

The only downfall is that this method requires a little bit more attention. The possibility that leaves or sticks will get stuck beside the foam is a bit higher with this method. It is still a good option to have to help reduce the amount that is accumulating. This is one of the most cost-effective options to choose from. 

Mesh-Screen Caps

A mesh-screen cap can help to keep out sticks, leaves, and other things that fall off of the trees. The mesh cap is good because it can handle when it rains harder better than the surface-tension hood can. It sits directly on top of your gutters to help reduce the number of unwanted materials entering. 

You will have to check on them after big storms or from time to time. Sometimes the debris can get stuck and sit on top of the grate. Any kind of accumulated debris will need to be cleared to keep from causing a runoff problem.

Call Elite Power Washing Today

If you are in need of a professional gutter protection installment, call Elite Power Washing today. We are well known in the Pensacola, Florida area as a reputable company to hire. It would be our pleasure to help you with your gutter needs. If you need more information we would be glad to answer any questions you have. 

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