Tips On Preparing Your Home For Winter in Pensacola

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Many communities along the southeastern gulf coast enjoy mild winters most of the time. However, in recent years colder temperatures have hit. In 2018 many news channels reported frozen iguanas falling out of trees in Florida due to the temps dropping below the mid-40s F. Even if your home is in a milder climate, there are some important steps to take in preparation for colder weather.

Attic Ventilation and Insulation

Keeping the outside air out and the inside air in is key. Where homeowners often make a mistake is they consider their attic part of their inside airspace. Ideally, your attic space should be the same or similar temperature as outside the house. No conditioned air is allowed in the attic. Obviously, if your attic is warm in the winter months, you are losing conditioned air from inside to the attic and could use more insulation around your conditioned air space. 

Let your attic breathe. Actions like covering vents and turrets, plugging soffits, etc… simply trap air and moisture in your attic space. All the materials in your attic are designed to remain dry. Moist attic materials grow mold and breakdown. Moist insulation solidifies and therefore does not insulate effectively.

Weatherstripping Caulking Windows and Doorframes

Continuing the theme. Check your doorways for gaps. Have a partner stand outside the closed door with a flashlight and shine it on both sides and top to bottom. If you see light coming through to the inside when the door is closed, you have an air leak there. Replace damaged weather stripping and door sweeps to keep the cold drafts out.

Caulking the exterior seams where your window frames meet the walls of your house should be done annually. Seal these gaps as well as any you see around your exterior door frames to prevent the cold and moisture from getting in.

Pressure Wash Your House

Pressure washing is a great way to clean the exterior of your home before the cold wet nasty weather sets in. The outer shell of your home is designed to be water-shedding, not waterproof. Debris, dust, pollutants, animal droppings, etc… all settle on the roof and outside of your house and begin to trap moisture. And cold wet weather is prime mold and mildew growing time. Cleaning your house’s exterior keeps the debris from getting a hold of your home. Hiring professionals like Pensacola Pressure Washing to do the dirty work and clean your home from top to bottom is an investment in home maintenance and longevity.

Gutter and Drainage Check

Winter weather often brings rain and more. Now is a good time to be sure your gutter and drainage system are ready for larger volumes of runoff. The goal is always to help runoff water move away from your house. Everywhere that runoff water pools or collects next to or on your home will eventually cause damage. Clean the debris from your gutters and downspouts to keep them flowing.

French or underground drains are often neglected and clog easily. Call a professional to check or repair your underground drains at least annually.

Heater and Carbon Monoxide Detector Check

Have your furnace inspected and serviced, and check your carbon monoxide detectors. Be sure both work as intended before the first cold wave comes through. Having a licensed professional inspect your furnace can save you money on expensive emergency repairs as well as keep your system running at peak efficiency. 

Every season is safety season. Check your smoke and CO alarms annually. Replace the batteries in each one every year. When fuel-burning furnaces, fireplaces, and appliances are used in the house there is always a potential for fire and CO fume emission which can be deadly. 

Call Pensacola Pressure Washing Today

We live to pressure wash homes and much more. Let us show you how beneficial pressure washing can be for your property. If pressure washing is not right for your home, we offer soft washing as well. Call us and see how clean your home can be.

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