What Does Parking Garage Cleaning Include?

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No matter what the area is, when people are going to be going in and out of it, it needs to be clean. Public areas can get dirty real fast, like parking garages. Just think of the dirt and debris brought in from people’s cars, the trash that people throw out or litter on the ground, and the oil that cars can leave on the concrete. 

All of these things need to be cleaned up somehow and by someone, that is where Elite Power Washing in Pensacola comes in. If no one ever cleaned it up it would be a disaster in no time. Our team is up for the challenge to clean the parking garages that are in need. Here is some of what we will do when you hire us for the job. 

What All Is Involved In Cleaning Parking Garages

Keeping up public areas is vital to keeping things running smoothly and not losing business. Don’t put off the cleaning of parking garages to save money, you should have this service done routinely. This is one area that is used often and needs to be kept up with, let us do it for you.

Hiring a professional company to come and do the cleaning for you can reassure you that it is being done thoroughly. When something appears run down and dirty, it will turn people away. Spending money to get it clean will bring in more money from the public because they will want to park there. Some of the things that will be done when professionals come to clean are:

  1. Pressure Washing The Parking Garage

The oil stains, rust, and gum that accumulate on parking garage floors and walls can get crazy. When our guys come to clean, we will use a hot water pressure washer to get the job done. Any other stains that have accumulated can be treated this way as well. 

Unfortunately, people will drop things and stick gum on the walls just cause they can. Then there are just stains, rust, and other substances from the weather and being outside. We can power wash the walls just like the floors to get them all cleaned off too. 

  1. Sweeping and Blowing The Parking Garage

Parking garages have open-air that blows through, which means that dirt and debris can come right in as well. Not to mention what all cars bring in with them. As much as they shouldn’t, people litter and trash gets knocked over too. 

We will go through and sweep the parking garage floors to get up any bigger items that we can. Going back through with a blower to get the rest and anything that is tucked in the edges and corners. Having things nice and tidy even in these public parking garages are good for the community. 

  1. Detailing The Parking Garage

When you look at the ceiling of parking garages there are usually pipes that run throughout it, we will clean those as well. The stairwells will be cleaned and picked up, elevators, and other areas that collect dust and dirt. All the small details will be cleaned and kept as well. 

Call Us Today For Help Cleaning Parking Garages 

One of the main reasons that it is important to clean parking garages is because the public uses these parking areas, you wouldn’t want anyone to slip and fall in them. People’s safety is always number one. Elite Power Washing proudly services in surrounding areas of Pensacola, such as Milton, FL 32570, and more communities in the area. You can trust our team to get the job done efficiently and thoroughly, call us today!

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