Pressure Washing VS Power Washing: Is There Really A Difference?

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In doing research on how to clean your business or home, you’ve stumbled across both pressure washing and power washing. Now you find yourself confused, wondering what’s the difference between the two and which one should you choose. Our team here at Elite Power Washing is here to help the people of Pensacola know the difference between pressure and power washing. 

What is Pressure Washing?

To better understand the differences between the two, we must first understand what each one does. Pressure washing is the use of high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum, and dirt from surfaces. It’s a common practice for both buildings and homes. 

The benefits of pressure washing extend beyond just cleaning the exterior of your home or business. It can help drive up your property value, increase the air quality surrounding your home or business, and even save you money in the long run. Many experts agree that you should be washing your home or business at least once a year. 

What is Power Washing?

Power washing serves many of the same purposes that pressure washing does. It helps get rid of those tough to get stains, making the exterior of your home or business look brand new. It’s also one of the most highly recommended methods to get rid of mold and mildew buildup. 

If you leave mold unchecked for too long, it can cause structural damage to painted surfaces and even concrete. Mold feeds on paint and finishes, removing them entirely. Power washing removes dirt and grime and prevents it from turning into permanent damage. 

The Difference Between Power Washing vs Pressure Washing

Now back to the main question, is there really a difference between power washing and pressure washing? In short, yes and no. Both help achieve the same goal of cleaning the exterior of your home or business, but they go about it in slightly different ways. 

The main difference between the two is the water temperature. Power washing uses hot water to accomplish the cleaning while pressure washing uses normal temperature water and high pressure. With that in mind, does it really make a difference in which one you choose? 

Which One Should You Choose?

Since both achieve similar tasks, you can’t really go wrong with either. With that being said, there are circumstances where power washing may provide better results and vice versa. Here are two common washing scenarios, and what type of wash best suits them:

Large jobs 

Power washing is recommended for larger jobs like a large commercial space or an extra big driveway and patio space. Since power washing uses heated water, larger jobs may go by quicker. This is because warm water will loosen up dirt quicker. But this can be a double-edged sword. Be careful to not use power washing on softer surfaces, as hot water can damage them.

Regular Household Use

For regular household use, you should stick to pressure washing. It’s less harsh on soft surfaces, which makes it perfect to use on your home. While it may not be as quick as power washing, you will hardly notice a difference. The difference in wash speed only becomes apparent when working on large surfaces. 

Do You Need Power Washing Services?

If you’re in need of pressure washing or power washing services, our team here at Elite Power Washing is here to help! We offer commercial and residential cleaning services throughout the Pensacola, Florida area. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you! 

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