5 Top Solar Panel Cleaning Tips

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Solar panels are becoming a very popular thing. They are better for the environment and can save you some money with electricity. When you make an investment in them for your home, you want to make sure that you are aware of how to take care of them.

Not caring for them can leave way for many problems. You are not going to get optimal performance if they are dirty. If you have dirt, dust, or soap scum left on your panels the sun will not get through to the solar cells.

How To Clean Your Solar Panels

There are a few different ways you can go about caring for your solar panels. They need to be cleaned around four times a year to get the best results. You can care for them yourself or hire someone else to come out and clean them. 

It isn’t hard to clean them, you need to just make sure that it is getting done. Caring for them is probably one of the most important parts of owning them.  Here are a few tips on how to best take care of your solar panels:


  • Order a Cleaning Kit


You can order kits specifically made for cleaning. It will come with everything you need to successfully clean them. 

You will use a bucket to mix your soap and water, then use the brushes provided to clean the panels. The biggest thing is to make sure that you do not leave any soap scum behind. That can hinder the performance and cause some errors. 


  • Clean Panels When The Sun Isn’t Shining Bright


The panels will get very hot and cause water to dry very quickly. This isn’t good because  it will cause smudging and water marks on them. The same as you don’t want to leave any soap behind, you don’t want to leave any hard water smudges either. It is best to do the cleaning late evening or early morning.


  • Clean Snow and Depri Regularly


If you live in an area where it snows a lot or with lots of wind, you will want to regularly check on them. Clear the snow off when you have had a large snowfall so the sun can reach the solar cells.

If it has been particularly windy, you may want to check them to see if you have a build up of leaves or dirt. The pile of leaves being left on will not allow the sun to get to the solar cells. 


  • Track The Levels 


You can buy a machine that keeps up with the performances. This is particularly helpful to let you know if there is a problem. You will be made aware that maintenance is needed, or cleaning needs to be done. This is a good idea if they are not easily reached. 


  • Hire A Professional


Sometimes you don’t have the time needed to care for your solar panels. Or, you aren’t capable of caring for them. In these cases, you will need to hire someone to do it. You don’t want to leave it undone. 

Do your research and find a company that has trained and educated staff. This is also a good option if you can’t reach them. Professionals will have the tools needed for the job.

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