Should Our Industrial Equipment Be Pressure Washed?

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Cleaning your industrial equipment will help you extend the lifespan of the equipment and enhance its performance. Pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to clean this equipment. Here are some reasons why our team at Elite Power Washing recommends you protect your investments with regular power washing services. 

Preventive Maintenance

As a business, you should be taking every step possible to ensure that you are protecting your bottom line. One way to do that is by ensuring you are protecting your investments, such as your industrial equipment. Repairs can be costly and replacements can even be devastating. 

Preventive maintenance measures, such as power washing, can greatly reduce the chance of needing repairs down the line. When your equipment is cleaned regularly, it removes dirt and grime, which can act as abrasives and friction agents. Removing these during the power washing process will lead to far less strain being placed on your equipment. 

Reduce Downtime

You also should be taking every step possible to ensure that your business is as efficient as possible. When machines break, your production is halted. It can be days, and in some cases, weeks before your equipment is fully operational again. 

Breakages can be caused by failure due to dirty conditions which can be prevented with regular power washing services. Power washing is also one of the quickest and most efficient ways to clean your equipment. This means you can spend more time working and producing, instead of cleaning the equipment. 

Increase Saftey

Keeping your equipment clean will help increase the safety of the workplace. These pieces of equipment are incredibly heavy and can turn extremely dangerous if they start to malfunction. This puts you, the operator, the work crew, and other machines in danger. 

A contaminant buildup around the hydraulic and electrical systems can result in a serious blow-out of high-pressure oil or dangerous voltage. These risks can easily be averted by regularly cleaning your equipment. Excess buildup of gunk is common on industrial equipment and it puts everyone in the line of fire in danger. 

Mechanics are Much More Efficient

What happens when our keyboard or monitor is messed up? It makes it much more difficult to work and makes even the most basic of tasks mundane and a time consumer. This can also be applied to mechanics and the industrial equipment they use. 

Cleaning your equipment gets rid of foreign debris that can be heavy, volatile, or slippery. This slows down production for your mechanics, as they have to take extra steps to protect their safety. Mechanics are much more efficient when they’re working with clean and fully operating machines. 

Build a Positive Image

How do you think it looks to ownership or to potential clients if you’re working in a warehouse full of dirty and dangerous equipment? Regularly cleaning your equipment can help send a positive message to both ownership and your customer base. It also helps build a reputation for cleanliness in your employees. 

Operators take better care of equipment when it’s running clean. Investors are more likely to invest in your business if the equipment is properly taken care of. Ownership is more likely to help when needed or bail you out if they know your equipment is always taken care of. 

Power Washing Services in Pensacola

If your business is located in the Pensacola, Florida area, our team here at Elite Power Washing LLC is ready to help. We offer a wide range of services, including pressure washing, that will ensure your business is crystal clean and safe.  Call today, we look forward to working with you!

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