Top Reasons to Hire a Power Washing Company in Florida

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There are several reasons to consider maintaining your property with a professional power washing company. Today, the Elite Power Washing team is sharing some of the most important reasons to keep your home or business clean with these washing services.

Maintain Your Properties Value

Florida’s high humidity creates a lot of mold and mildew problems for homeowners. Summer’s frequent rain, low elevation, and high humidity create water-related problems that can get out of control, allowing the mold and mildew to accumulate on the exterior and roofing of your home causing a lot of damage. Brick, concrete, and wood will soften and crumble, crack or buckle if mold and grime accumulate. Gutters can get clogged. When rainwater can’t drain it can back up and get under your shingles, causing the wood to rot.

These problems can cause damage and result in costly repairs. A professional power washing company can remove mold and dirt from your home. A clean home maintains it’s property value and prevents expensive repairs.

Power Washing can be Destructive

An inexperienced power washer can damage property. High pressures make it easy to gouge wood siding or decking when power washing. The wrong detergent can damage the wood. Instead of washing siding, you can peel the paint off. Getting too close to windows to clean with high pressure can break the glass or seals. Too high pressure on tile flooring can remove the grout and loosen tiles. Using high pressure on shingles will result in damage to the roof, and will void the warranty.

Professional power washing teams know how much pressure to use during your service. They also know which nozzle is appropriate for a job. These teams use the power wash equipment every day. They know what works, and where to be careful. This is why we are thrilled to handle all your power washing services for you!

Keeping Your Home Safe

Professional power cleaning is a good way to keep your pool and pool deck area clean. Molds can become slippery causing accidents to occur. Your car can leave oil and fumes on the driveway creating slick conditions. Keeping the drive clean will also stop pitting and potholes from forming.

Power Washing can be a Dangerous DIY Job

Power washers can have pressures of 2,000PSI to 4,000PSI. That is a lot of pressure coming out of one nozzle and you can lose control of it pretty easily. It’s enough pressure to lose a finger, a toe, or hurt a child or pet that might be close by.

Pressure Washing can Keep You and Your Family Healthy

Once mold or mildew gets established in your home it can be pretty difficult to get rid of it. Breathing mold spores can be dangerous. They can cause watery eyes, headache, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, and fatigue. People with asthma can have attacks. Power washing your home in the spring and fall can keep mold from getting established in your home.

The Floridian springtime pollen can get pretty thick. Keeping pollen off your home can help those that struggle with seasonal allergies.

Save Money On Costly Equipment

Buying a pressure washer can be expensive, especially if it is a gas-powered washer. Then you need a ladder, hoses, nozzles, and detergents. For gas-powered washers, you’ll need to keep gas and oil available. Then there’s the seasonal maintenance to keep the equipment in proper working order. 

Save Your Time for Other Activities

Family and work keep most people pretty busy these days. Enjoy your free time doing the things you enjoy. Power washing is something we can help you with, so you can do things that are more important to you.

Give Us a Call

The Elite Power Washing team is available to help you keep up with your home so you can enjoy time with your family and friends. Our professional power washing company is here to answer any of your questions when you contact us. Give us a call for an appointment, we’re here to help.

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