Benefits to Keeping an Apartment Complex Clean

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If you are an apartment owner it is in your best interest to keep your apartment complex clean and well maintained. The Elite Power Washing team can help you to keep your apartment complex looking great with our cleaning services. Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive for keeping your complex well maintained.

Good Curb Appeal Makes Money

Approximately 50% of households in the United States do not own a house, they rent. You need a way to stand out from other complexes to attract new tenants and keep your current ones. Having great curb appeal is how to get tenants interested in your complex.

When your apartment complex has a clean appearance it increases curb appeal. Clean and well-kept properties attract potential tenants. Current residents won’t want to move out. A clean and well-maintained property is a good indicator of a well-managed place. It’s also a reflection of whether it’s in a good neighborhood.

A clean and maintained complex enables you to charge higher rent and lease rates.

Your entryways and sidewalks get the most use. It doesn’t take long for dirt, grime, and gum to build up. Keeping these areas clean improves its appearance. It also keeps the crud from getting tracked inside your building.

Everyone appreciates clean parking lots and garages. It makes your area look better and improves the area for everyone.

Pressure washing removes spider webs and bee’s nests. These may cause potential tenants to hesitate when they see them.

Maintaining and taking care of the appearance of your building increases its value. A run-down appearance causes the devaluation of your property.

Good Maintenance Saves Money

Mold, mildew, and algae are common problems in the Florida area. They are not only unsightly but can also do a lot of damage to your building.

Algae are living organisms that feed and grow on shingles, and siding. Keeping painted and coated surfaces clean will extend their life. Washing gutters, roof, walls, and windows help to control mold, mildew, and algae. The elimination of these problems cuts down on future repair costs.

Materials such as brick will deteriorate without proper maintenance. Graffiti and spray paint look bad on buildings. Power washing can remove these and make your properties look great again.

Keeping the entry areas, sidewalks and parking areas clean keeps out mold spores. They can be tracked inside the building on the bottom of people’s shoes.

Your regular maintenance team is probably kept pretty busy with day to day problems. Maintaining the outside of your commercial building can take a pretty big chunk of your employee’s time. We can make sure cleaning is performed in whatever time frame you feel is appropriate.

Injury Prevention and Staying Healthy Saves Money

A better environment improves the quality of life for employees and tenants. Many things can cause breathing problems, diseases, and allergies.  Dust, pollen, mildew, mold, and bird droppings can all cause these problems. Mold and mildew can cause rot and are not only unhealthy but look bad and smell bad.

Grease, oil, and pollutants can create slippery situations. Power washing driveways and parking lots reduce the chances of someone falling. The last thing you want is a potential liability problem.

Give Our Team A Call!

The Elite Power Washing team can help you with a regular or occasional cleaning. Our trained team members provide fast service and are efficient when clean properties. You’ll save money by not having to buy equipment and supplies. We’re here to make it easier for you to keep your apartment complex in great shape with our cleaning services. Give us a call today and see if we supply services near you!

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