Why Keeping Your Driveway or Parking Garage Clean Matters

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The Elite Power Wash team has some suggestions to help you keep your driveway or parking garage clean. Most people think of their parking or driveway area in a functional way. It’s there so you have a place to put your vehicle or get into your garage.

Your driveway or parking lot needs maintaining and caring like your home or business. It’s the first thing people see when they use your drive or look for a place to park their car. While they may not notice when everything is clean and neat they’ll notice when it isn’t. You want to make a good first impression. Others should feel welcome and safe, and you want to protect your investment.  

Keep It Clean

The wind brings in debris and people spill food and drinks. It isn’t long and raccoons, rodents and other animals looking for a late night snack show up. Keep the area picked up. If you are a business owner you might want to coordinate a time when everyone cleans their area at the same time. Pressure washing can keep the area around your home or business clean and sanitary.

Oil and gas leaks, car exhaust fumes and pollution build up a film on the surface of a driveway or parking lot. Rain or snow can make the film slippery and cause accidents. Power washing can clean the film off and make it safer.

Catch Problems Early

If you notice fresh oil or a gas spill there are a variety of ways to clean it. An old fashioned way is using fresh sawdust. If you don’t happen to have a source for fresh sawdust, a more modern approach is using clay-based kitty litter. Throw sawdust or kitty litter on the affected area, pressing it into the spill and letting it sit overnight. The next morning sweep the area and hose it.

Other alternatives are baking soda, Dawn dishwashing soap, powdered laundry soap or even a can of Coca Cola. Give them time to work overnight, and then wash off the next morning. If the spill isn’t cleaned while it is fresh it will stain. You will need a commercial grade cleaner to take care of the stain.

Grass, Weed or Mildew Problems

Grass or weeds grow in crevices and cracks of concrete or asphalt. Plants can be extremely destructive. They start out tiny and cause cracks or breaks to become larger. The easiest way to get rid of these culprits is a power washer.

If you live in an area with lots of moisture mildew may be growing on concrete or asphalt. Mildew starts in crevices or breaks creating a damp area encouraging its growth. Mildew can be slippery when wet, so be careful. Spraying a bleach and water solution on mildew, then sweeping it away will get rid of it. Be careful not to get the bleach on other plants or grass that may be in the area.

General Cleaning

Over time your drive area gets dirty and stained from general use. Concrete starts out white and gets darker over time. The easiest way to return it to its original color is by using bleach. A combination of bleach, water, and soap can make your concrete look new again. There are also other cleaning agents that can do the same thing.

Call Us For Help

The Elite Power Wash team is always available if you need help. We know you have a busy schedule and have a lot of ground to cover every day. We can keep your property clean, safe, and help you protect your investment. We are here to make your day better, so give us a call.

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