Easy Ways to Increase Your Florida Homes Curb Appeal

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‘You never get a chance to redo the first impression.’ That’s something we all hear about ourselves. The same thing applies to your home. When someone walks up your sidewalk what they see reflects on who you are. Your Elite Power Wash team sees a lot of homes, and we have some ideas to help your home look its best. Let’s look at some easy ways to increase your Florida homes curb appeal and your image.

Add Some Color

Bring a burst of color and attention to the front of your home. Add a burst of flowers to an elevated garden bed or down the sidewalk. If you are unsure about what to plant, visiting your local garden center is a good place for advice.

If you want plantings that are maintenance free and will come up every year plant perennials. For a showy flower that will last the entire season look for annuals but they will need to be planted every year.

Change the front of your home by adding a new color. Consider changing the color of the front door, window trim, and shutters. Make it something that will really ‘pop.’ Maybe red, blue, teal, black. Whatever strikes your fancy and will complement and draw attention to your home.

Keep  the Trees and Shrubs Trimmed

Do you have shrubs or trees that have grown and are out of control? Overgrown shrubbery will make your home look like it’s being ignored and unattended. To make matters worse, it hides the front of your home and gives unwanted visitors a place to hide. It looks bad, and it can be dangerous, too.

Light It Up

LED lights are an inexpensive way to show off the sidewalk, driveway or front of your home. Vary the lighting so you don’t get a ‘runway’ effect. For example, lay some rope lighting around the plants in front of your home. Adding beautiful soft lighting will enhance your homes look and the extra lighting keeps your home safe.

The Little Details

Upgrade the small details of your home. Stand at the curb of your home and use a critical eye to find small things that will make a big difference. A new mailbox, decorative new address numbers, new hardware on your door.

Keep It Clean

While you’re standing on the curb extend your critical eye to the roof and general exterior of your home. Nothing makes a home look dingier than accumulating algae and dirt. If the roof has become stained with algae streaks get it cleaned. We can help you if you’re concerned about heights and potential falls. If it’s been a while since the siding has been washed, clean off the algae, moss or dirt.

How does your sidewalk and driveway look? If they are dark from algae and dirt they can be washed and sealed so they stay looking nice. Your home having an unclean exterior is kinda like going without a bath for a week. Let’s face it – it’s just not a good sight!

Upgrade Your Garage Door

If your home has an attached garage it’s taking up at least 25% of your homes frontage. Updating your garage door makes your home look updated and well maintained. A new garage door is the fastest and least expensive way to increase your homes property value.

Call Us If We Can Help

The Elite Power Washing team is available to help you to increase your homes curb appeal. Give us a call and we can give your home some shine and sparkle. When we are done you’ll love the way your home looks!

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