Types of Concrete You Might Find in Your Home

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Concrete is used is so many home applications today. Your Elite Power Wash team has put together some information about the types of concrete you might find in your home. Concrete homes are becoming more popular in the United States especially in areas that are hurricane prone.

Concrete is a low cost but incredibly strong and hard material. It is so strong and hard it can serve as a highway. Today there are many options available to enhance concrete.  Endless dyes, etching and stamping options are available to enhance the look of concrete. And to make it even better, concrete is a low maintenance material.

Poured Concrete

Concrete is experiencing a surge in popularity. It is an extremely durable and strong material that has commonly been used for driveways, sidewalks, patios, and pools. It is now being used for walls, fireplaces, and counters in modern styled homes as well as rustic farmhouse chic applications.

Concrete is used in long term applications. How long concrete lasts depends on how well it is maintained. Washing concrete keeps it clean and looking fresh while sealing it keeps it from cracking and pitting. To prolong the life of your poured concrete it should be washed and sealer should be applied once a year.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is used to imitate other products in a less expensive manner. Stamped concrete is usually produced in a lighter weight than poured concrete which means it will also not last as long. Being lighter in weight it will usually be found in applications such as sidewalks or patios.

There are endless stamping patterns available. The design is set into the concrete then stained and sealed with acrylic. Once the concrete receives the acrylic sealant it is no longer porous. A once a year wash will keep the stamped concrete looking new. As the stamped concrete is already sealed no additional sealant coat is needed.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are stronger than concrete. They are cost-effective, beautiful, and slip resistant. Professionals usually install pavers and it takes some time. Pavers are able to handle weather changes easily, and if a problem develops it is easier to repair just the damaged area.

Pavers are made to last a very long time, however, dirt and spills can ruin their beauty. Keep your pavers clean with a yearly washing, and clean out any moss, grass insects and soil from the joints. Applying a sealant to the pavers can extend their life and protect them.


Bricks are expensive and labor intensive to install. They will last a long time and become more beautiful over time. The surface of bricks is porous and over time they can shift under repetitive use, which can become a tripping hazard. If your bricks are sealed they should be cleaned prior to having a new coating applied. A new sealant coating should be applied every three to five years.  

Enjoy the Concrete in Your Home

Keeping the concrete around your home clean and sealed will help you to enjoy its beauty. Your patio or pool area will be fresh and barefoot ready for summertime parties and family time. Start up the grill and have friends over for a fun evening.

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