This Valentine’s Day Love on Your Home

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February is a month for sharing with those we love. The Elite Power Washing team has some ideas to spread some Valentine’s Day love on your home, too. After a long winter, your home is going to appreciate the time and attention you’re sharing with it!

Freshen Up Your Siding

Power wash the siding of your home. After a long, damp winter mold, algae and mildew can build up on the exterior of your home’s siding. A power wash can give your home a fresh, new look.

Mold and mildew can work its way from the outside to into your home and affect the health of your family. Keeping the exterior of your home clean helps keep your home in good condition, as well as keeping everyone in your home happy and healthy.

Clean Up the Driveway and Sidewalks

Power wash and seal your concrete driveway and sidewalks. Your car has carried dirt, grime, salt, and oils onto the concrete through the winter. Algae and mold have been growing and collecting on your homes concrete surfaces. And to make matters even worse the moisture that has gotten into cracks or breaks can break up the concrete.

A power wash can get rid of all the accumulated dirt and sealing it can protect the surface and integrity of the concrete. Bring back the beauty that you fell in love with a good cleaning, and sealing.

Brighten Your Deck or Patio

Your deck is usually the dirtiest part of the exterior of your home. The deck and patio of your home are designed to be flat, which makes it easy for all kinds of things to land on the surface and stay. In addition, any runoff from your gutters runs onto your deck and patio bringing a plethora of things with it.

A power wash can clean all the crud off, and make your deck or patio look great again. Whether your deck is made of wood or your patio is made of concrete or brick, a good cleaning will make it look fresh and ready for summer parties.

Spruce Up Your Fence

Your fence is out in the weather and sun every day of every year. While its purpose is functional, whenever you look out of a window, odds are your fence is in view. It’s a tough life.

Whether your fence is made of wood or vinyl it can be renewed with a good wash. Keeping it clean can extend the life of your fencing. Make your fence a pleasure to look at and an asset to your home.

Get the Streaks Off Your Roof

Those ugly streaks running down your roof aren’t just ugly black streaks. They are actually algae and lichen that are feeding off your shingles. Leaving them untreated they’ll continue to shorten the lifespan of your homes roof.

The longer the algae and lichen stay on your roof and grow, the more damage they do. The roofing of your home can be treated and cleaned to get rid of the algae and lichen. Your home will be thrilled to have its roof looking stain free and sharp again.

Call Us! We are Here to Help

Your home will be thrilled with the attention it’s been given it will want to give you a big hug! Not only will your home look great, all the care and attention will improve the value of your home. The team at Elite Power Washing can help you with any of these projects. Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to give you a hand keeping your home sparkling clean.

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