Power Washing Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring is just around the corner. The team at Elite Power Washing has some tips to get your home in tip-top shape so you’ll be ready to enjoy summer. We hope you find these tips useful.

Indoor Tips

Wash your windows. It’s time to let the sunshine in, but not until after you’ve first cleaned them in the cool of the day. A microfiber cloth and water will do a better job of cleaning them than chemicals will. An easy homemade solution for window cleaner is: 1 part rubbing alcohol, 1 part white vinegar, and 3 drops of dishwashing liquid. Put it in a spray bottle and you’re ready to go. If the job seems overwhelming divide it into smaller jobs, like doing one room per day. Before you know it they’ll all be done.

Sliding door tracks. With summer entertaining arriving soon you’ll appreciate having a door that glides on it tracks. To get the dirt and grime out of the track use a dry toothbrush to loosen the dirt. Use your vacuum cleaner attachment to vacuum it up. Use a wet rag to finish cleaning the track. Your door will be gliding as you carry the sweet tea to the deck and enjoy the warmth of an afternoon.

Outdoor Tips

Wash your home’s exterior. A water hose and a soft bristle brush should usually get the job done. If you’re having a problem with mildew we recommend getting a commercially made cleaner. While you’re cleaning, watch for areas that might need some extra attention or repair. Once your home is clean from the crud it’s going to look sparkling and fresh again!

1. Clean your gutters.

When the April showers hit you’re going to be glad your gutters are clean and flowing as they should. Use a small scoop to get the crud out of the gutter. Throw the crud onto a plastic tarp rather than throwing it on your yard. Then take a garden hose and flush the gutters. Clogged gutters can cause some very expensive repairs.

2. Wash your deck and fence.

If your deck, patio or fence is made of wood, dirt and mildew have been accumulating all year long. A power wash can remove the dirt and mildew and restore its natural look or make it ready for a new stain or paint.

3. Clean your lawn furniture.

Your lawn furniture spends most of the year outside and is in need of some tender loving care. Put a squirt of dishwashing fluid into a bucket of water. Use a soft brush to scrub off the accumulated dirt. Then take a garden hose or give it a soft washing to show off its beauty once again. You’ll enjoy that summer barbecue while sitting on your clean furniture.

Wash your sidewalks and driveway. The rough surface of concrete actually holds onto dirt, oil, and moss that will grow on it. Look for a clear day and clean during the cool of the morning or evening. For smaller areas, you can use an outdoor concrete cleaner with a natural or plastic bristle brush. For larger areas, a power wash can clean out the nooks and crannies and return it to looking new again.

Call Us If You Need Help

The team at Elite Power Washing hopes you have found these tips useful. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, we are here to help you if you need it. We can wash everything from your roof to your driveway with our power wash or soft wash. So give us a call if there is anything we can do to help you get ready for a summer of fun.

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