Smart Restaurant Cleaning Tips For Florida Businesses To Be Compliant

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People enjoy dining out after a day of fun in the sun in the Sunshine State. And in this cultural mecca, there are a variety of cuisine options to choose from for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No matter where people go, they expect the highest level of cleanliness to ensure a safe eating experience. Consider these smart restaurant cleaning tips for Florida businesses to be compliant with applicable regulations in the food industry.

Sanitary Conditions Matter

All it takes to put a restaurant out of business is one customer who gets food poisoning from the food. This poor publicity can turn a bustling eatery into a ghost town. Sanitary conditions are required to pass inspections to conduct business as a restaurant. And customers don’t want to eat in a place that looks dirty on the inside or the outside. From curb appeal to clean counters, every detail matters.

Daily Cleaning List

Certain aspects of the restaurant must be cleaned each day to ensure optimum cleanliness. These include:

  • doing laundry such as rags, aprons, and chef’s coats;
  • vacuuming, sweeping, and washing the floors and rugs;
  • sanitizing the counters, slicers, tables, and cutting boards;
  • emptying the trash cans, recyclables, and sanitizing bins;
  • clean fryers, grills, and filters;
  • wash the dishes;
  • sanitize the restrooms;
  • wipe down the condiment dispensers and menus;
  • pack and label foods to put in the refrigerator; and
  • clean the soda gun, sink, and faucets.

Weekly Cleaning List

Florida restaurants also need to perform weekly cleaning tasks to keep the place in good conditions so customers feel comfortable:

  • empty, clean, and sanitize the freezers and refrigerators;
  • clean the ovens and coffee machines;
  • dust the blinds, ceiling fans, and other surfaces;
  • clean table and chair legs;
  • wipe the baseboards;
  • wash the walls; and
  • flush the floor drains.

Monthly Cleaning List

Each month, a thorough inspection of the eatery is necessary to determine all areas are kept clean. And there are other tasks to perform, such as:

  • wash the ceilings;
  • empty, clean, and sanitize the ice bin;
  • get rid of grease buildup throughout the cooking areas;
  • check to make sure instruments are in working condition, such as sharpened knives; and
  • look for rodent droppings and call pest control if any activity is suspected.

A Professional Cleaning Crew

Because restaurants must pass government and customer inspections, it is important to have a professional cleaning crew. A qualified pressure washing company can clean a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces so they are sparkling and safe. This ensures the interior and exterior of the restaurant are always inviting. A cleaning crew can help with all the tasks above and more, such as:

  • cleaning the gutters;
  • removing gum and other debris from the concrete walkways;
  • pressure washing the exterior of the restaurant;
  • clean the windows;
  • clean the parking areas; and
  • pay attention to all the crucial details you might miss being in the facility every day.

A competent cleaning crew is the extra set of eyes and hands a restaurant need to be at its best all the time. Nobody wants to be unprepared for an inspection or a restaurant review. And it is a top priority to keep customers happy at all times – and a clean environment makes that possible.

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