Signs That Show You Need to Restore Outdoor Wood in FL

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Wood adds a touch of classic luxury to your outdoor spaces. Many Florida homes have wood decks and fences. While wood lasts for years, it requires ongoing maintenance to keep its glory. Consider a few of the usual signs that show you need to restore your outdoor wood.

Check Deck Planks for Cracking

One of the most obvious signs of a problem is cracked wood planks on the floor of your deck. Check the wood for cracked areas. While small cracks are not a big danger, they will grow larger with time. And that means it will take more time and money to fix them. It makes sense to replace or repair a plank with a small crack to avoid larger problems in a year or two.

Faded Away

Is your wood deck and fencing faded and dingy? Over time, wood gets discolored. It may even start to develop mold on the surface. And wood that once appeared a rich brown hue starts to look gray and old. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. The wood might need to be sanded and refinished to bring it to a state of rich glory again. When you ignore it, exposure to the elements and mold can compromise the wood. Instead of refinishing it, you might face the expense of replacing it.

Chipped Paint

Some people paint wood fences and decks to make them match their homes. From classic white to bright turquoise, there is a rainbow of colors to choose from. When you first paint the wood, it looks fresh and shiny. And it is a quick way to transform the appearance of a fence or deck. But with ongoing weather conditions, the paint begins to chip. And this makes wood look shoddy. It needs to be stripped down and restored to look beautiful again. You can paint it or stain it for a fresh and natural appearance.

Areas of Rot

One of the easiest ways to determine if a deck is rotting is using a screwdriver or awl. Dig around areas that are close to the ground or that might accumulate moisture. Poke around the posts and near the stairs. Make sure the rotted spots are filled or repaired. Catch small areas of rot before that start taking over the decking. When a deck is overrun with rot, it might need to be torn down and replaced. It is far cheaper to fix the problem before it turns into a major issue.

Falling Slats

One of the worst things to see on a wooden fence is falling slats. Even if the other slats are secured attached, it makes the fence look old and poorly maintained. Fortunately, these slats can be nailed back to the framework or replaced to make the fence look good again. Plus, missing slats compromise your privacy and provide a place for exit and entry. This is problematic for people with fenced yards who want to keep their dogs safe.

Loose or Missing Rails and Posts

One of the telltale signs a deck needs to be fixed is loose or missing rails or posts. Check the railings and posts at least once a year to see if they are sturdy and well-attached. If they are loose, have them repaired before they start falling or breaking. Once they start falling or coming down, it can compromise the overall structure of the deck.

Contact a professional to check your deck and fencing. Have them maintained and pressure washed regularly to keep them looking great. And get repairs done regularly to ensure your deck and fence last for years to come.

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