Seven Tips for Improving FL Parking Garage Maintenance

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Running a parking garage means paying attention to multiple details. From keeping track of vehicles to ensuring the facility is safe, each aspect matters. And the owner of the garage needs to maintain a quality facility. Follow these seven tips for improving FL parking garage maintenance.

Pay Attention to Drainage

Most parking areas have drainage systems to keep water flowing away from the vehicles. Pay attention to the drainage system to ensure it is in good working condition. Eliminate clogs immediately so unsightly puddles do not form where people park and walk.

Eliminate the Cracks

Wherever people park, there will inevitably be cracking. The weight of vehicles and the shifting of the ground under a hard surface will lead to the development of cracks. And these cracks can cause damage to tires and cause a person to trip and fall. Eliminate the liability by filling cracks as quickly a possible.

Eliminate the Oil

Many different vehicles are parked in a parking garage. And over time, some of them might leak oil onto the parking surface. Oil is unattractive and slick. This means it can also be hazardous and cause people to slip. And in time, oil can break down surfaces and compromise them. Cleaning the oil is far less costly than letting it sit in the parking area and do damage.

Freshen Up the Parking Spots

In a parking lot or garage, each spot is painted to designate where the cars and trucks will go. And as vehicles continue to drive over these spots, the paint starts to get pale and peel away. And that makes it more difficult for cars to determine where they should park. Check to make sure the parking spots are easy to see and use. If necessary, refresh the paint so they are fresh and people know where to go.

Invest in Sealcoating

One of the best investments a parking garage owner can make is sealcoating the parking area. A sealcoat instantly makes the paved areas look like new.  And it keeps water and debris from compromising the parking surfaces. The sealcoat should last for at least one to two years of ongoing use. Consult with a professional to ensure the job is done right.

Maintain the Buildings

A parking garage is a combination of parking areas with a building or multiple buildings. While the focus is often on the condition of the parking areas, the buildings need to be in good shape, too. Work with a local contractor to check the buildings and make minor repairs as necessary. Remember these parking areas and buildings will be publically accessible every day.

Clean It Up

A professional pressure washing service makes parking garages look like new. Keeping the areas clean is essential to make them appealing to customers. Plus, it enhances the overall safety of your business. Pressure washing makes the concrete look bright and fresh. And a pressure washing service can also get rid of stains such as rust and substances such as chewing gum. In just one day, your parking garage can get a complete facelift for a reasonable investment.

Take small steps to instantly improve the appearance and safety of your parking garage. Contact a local pressure washing service to clean the area and revive how it looks. Customers will instantly notice and choose your parking garage over the competition.

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