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Basics About How to Clean Concrete Walkways & Keep Them Clean

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Concrete materials will have a longer service life if they are cared for regularly. Learning how to clean a concrete sidewalk will also enhance its aesthetics. We walk on them so often and sometimes barely notice they have already accumulated too much dirt, especially if your concrete walkway is slabs of mixed pebbles and cement. While the dirt buildup might seem subtle, after cleaning, the concrete the difference is easy to see and appreciate.

How Deep Do You Want To Go?

Cleaning concrete is a big job that requires muscle power and the ability to clean without causing damage. The first step is to determine if there are any stains. Generally speaking, there are three ways to clean concrete.

Light Cleaning

A light cleaning approach involves using a simple metallic brush to do the job coupled with ordinary cleansers or one that’s homemade. It basically gets the soot and grime out of the surface. You can use ammonia or detergent if you want to get the walkway to look really clean. This method only eliminates some surface dirt and will not make a notable difference in the appearance or cleanliness of the concrete area.

Power and Pressure Washing

Pressure washing involves the use of a power washer, without pressure washer use it can take much longer to clean concrete. Cold power washers typically suffice for home use, and more powerful machines are necessary for commercial cleaning. A pressure washing machine works best when it is in the hands of a knowledgeable professional who knows how to clean concrete sidewalk areas. An expert will get rid of stains, gum, debris, and more without killing grass or doing damage. The concrete will look refreshed when a pro takes care of the job. Plus, the cost of renting or buying machines can be costly. It makes sense to let an expert handle the labor.

Chemical Concrete Cleaning

Some people think applying a chemical to concrete is a quick cleaning fix. However, this method can do more harm than good. Chemical cleaning involves the use of chemicals that are purchased from a local mass merchant or home store. But the cleaners used can strip off the concrete, especially if it is painted concrete. The colors may wash away in areas or look a different hue.

Cleaning to Seal

Sometimes, concrete surfaces are sealed but there comes a time when they need a touch-up, and you need to re-seal them. First, you must do a deep cleaning before resealing. You need to clean tire tracks, oil stains, grease, bubble gum stains, and other gunk. Failure to do this means the stains are eternally etched on the concrete. Consider the two main methods to clean and reseal concrete.

Use of Degreaser – there are powerful degreasers in hardware stores that soften old based substances that are too stubborn to be removed by soap and water. If you have access to contractor supply houses, you will get better and cheaper degreasers. Make sure you read the instructions to avoid injuries. This job is best left to a professional to minimize the risk of injuries, and mistakes.

Acid Etching – this method involves the use of muriatic acid. It is a dangerous substance that will irritate and burn your skin. It is also harmful if inhaled. You need to know that acid can alter the color of concrete and its texture, so it is best to call a professional.

Concrete cleaning is an instant way to give your home or commercial property a facelift. Contact a local pressure washing company in Florida to get the best results without the risk of damages or injuries associated with DIY projects.

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