How Curb Appeal Projects Could Attract More Customers

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When you first meet someone, what are the first things that you pay attention to the most?

What do you think are the first things that someone notices about you?

No matter who you are meeting for the first time, you probably already have a great idea of how powerful a first impression can be. Have you ever thought about how these initial opinions have the same effect on your business?

You may have thought before that you can only have a first impression with a person, but the reality is that you can get one from just about anything. This can especially be the case when someone pulls up to your home or storefront. Whether you have kept up with your building; maintained it, painted it, cleaned it and groomed it, or you haven’t, people are going to be able to tell at first glance.

Ask yourself this: has the curb appeal of your business been costing you potential customers? If you are trying to sell yourself as a brand, one of the things that should be at the forefront of your mind is making your building and grounds as clean as possible.

First Impressions

When a customer or potential customer rolls up to your storefront for the first time, they are going to be able to decide in a matter of minutes if they are more or less likely to do business with you.

How do you think they are going to respond if they come up to your entrance and see that your shrubs are overgrown, your trees are dead, your building is dirty, and you have fallen leaves all over the place? You could consider yourself lucky if they decided to come in at all. However, they are probably going to turn around and leave.

On the other hand, how do you think customers respond when they walk up to a business that has trimmed trees and shrubs, a clean building, a green lawn, and a tidy area? Most of them are going to notice the cleanliness and the professionalism of the company and they are more likely to walk right in.

The Price of Your Image

Some business owners tend to shy away from things like professional landscaping. Many will say that it is too expensive to have an ongoing cost of keeping the trees, shrubs, garden, and lawn pristine. Wouldn’t the money be better spent somewhere else? That depends on the situation. However, in most cases, the landscaping cost is going to pay for itself multiple times over.

When you choose to invest in the aesthetics of your business and your property, you are investing in a valuable piece of your image. Think of your property as the outfit that you are going to wear to an important meeting or an interview with a potential client.

Do you think that you are going to be better received in a t-shirt and jeans, or proper dressy work attire? The majority of us are going to be taken more seriously in the latter, which means your customers are going to be interested in you and treat you with respect. You can probably begin to see how important that first impression is to your potential customers.

Curb Appeal as a Marketing Expense

If it bugs you to think about the cleaning and landscaping costs of your business, don’t treat it as an upkeep expense or an ongoing irritant. Instead, start thinking of it as a form of marketing. There’s a high likelihood that you already have some kind of marketing budget for your company. A budget that goes toward advertisements, print materials, posters, signs, online marketing and other effective ways to get your business out there. Think of maintaining the image of the physical location of your storefront as another valuable marketing expense.

When you choose to put money into maintaining the building and the landscaping of your business, you are deciding to put your best foot forward with your customers. Certain studies have shown that companies who invest in keeping their building clean and maintaining their landscaping make customers multiple times more likely to come in for their products or services.

Where to Get Started with Your Curb Appeal

If you are thinking about getting started with maintaining your landscaping and cleaning up the image of your business, where is the best place to begin?

One of the first and easiest places to start in making your storefront look pristine is just by taking care of the lawn. Make sure that you mow your grass regularly. Also, rake the leaves and whack the weeds. That is going to do wonders for the image of your business. Hire a professional pressure washing service to clean the roof and walkways.

Remember that you only get one chance to make a first impression with a potential customer. Make sure that it is the best one that you can get with these simple curb appeal projects.

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