Fall Outdoor Cleaning Projects For Your Florida Home

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by Daniel Simmons on 09/30/17

cleaning projectsThe fall and winter are just around the corner. Here in Florida, that might not be as big of a deal as it is in other parts of the country, but there are some fall projects that we can start tackling before the cool air of winter settles in. So where is the best place to get started?

We are going to kick you off with some outdoor cleaning projects that you can use to get your Florida home ready for the winter. Most of the projects that are going to be best to tackle before the weather starts cooling down will involve pressure washing. Fortunately, this is a budget-conscious way to transform the appearance of your Florida home.

Clean Your Gutters

One of the first things that you can tackle this fall is cleaning out your gutters. You shouldn’t ever go into winter with a gutter full of leaves and debris unless you want to face some serious problems down the road in winter. Leaves in your gutters can back up the flow of your gutters and clog your drains, preventing rain from flowing effectively from your roof to the ground. This can spell disaster for your home and end up doing water damage to your house. Instead of spending thousands of dollars later to repair this damage, you are much better off hiring a professional power washing service to blast the leaves and debris out of your gutters.

Blast the Deck

Pressuring washing your deck is a great way to make sure it is clean and clear of mold and debris. With all of the moisture, rainfall, and warm weather that we get in Florida, it makes our patios and decks much more prone to mold and bacterial growth. After your deck is pressure washed, you may want to inquire about a sealant or stain to the top of it to protect the surface and help preserve your deck.

Clean Your Patio Furniture

Since you just got done enjoying your patio furniture for the entire season of summer, it’s not a bad idea to pressure wash and clean your heavier patio furniture. After your patio furniture has spent a summer getting used in the sun, there is no doubt that it has collected some dirt, sweat, and debris. Pressure washing your patio furniture can be a good idea if you are going to cover them and store them away during the winter. Talk to a pro to see if it’s the right option for your outdoor furniture.

Wash Your Roof

The summer in Florida is the time of year that dust, dirt, and grime builds on the outside of your roof. With the heat, the bugs, allergens, dust, and all of the rain, it would be in your homes best interest if you had the roof pressured washed. Trying to do it yourself often involved additional equipment, which can be costly. And pressure washing a two-story house can get dangerous. It’s a job best left to a trained pro who can do it quickly and safely.

Clean Your Grilling Area

Often an outdoor grill is placed on a deck, slab, or patio. It is an area that gets a lot of traffic throughout the summer and early fall when you host backyard barbecues. Often it gets dirty by the time the end of fall arrives. Find out about having this space pressure washed for a clean, fresh look when you start to host barbecues again. Plus, it always feels better to cook and serve in an outdoor space that is properly cleaned.

Check Your Siding

During the warmest months of the year, mold and contaminants can build up on your siding. This type of buildup makes a home look dingy and poorly maintained. Plus, it can cause further damage that becomes more costly to repair. The most cost-effective solution is to pressure wash the siding for an instant improvement and great curb appeal.

What About the Fencing?

Weathering naturally occurs over time, making your fence look unattractive. A heavy duty power washer can cause additional damage. The right type of pressure washing removes the grime from your fence without creating additional problems. Contact a pressure washing pro to remove the gray and mildew to restore the look of your wood fence.

Fall is the ideal time to assess your home’s exterior and make sure it looks good. As you get rid of old toys and deflated pool floats, check your roof, siding, gutters, fencing, and outdoor entertainment spaces. Pressure washing is an affordable way to revamp your home without breaking the bank.

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