Benefits of Commercial Building Awnings for FL Businesses

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by Daniel Simmons on 09/28/17

commercial building awningsWhat are some unique ways that you are using to market your business? Every business today is finding a better way that they can boost their presence on social media, but paying little mind to how much of a positive impact more traditional methods of marketing can have on your business.

Are you currently using any signage outside of your business that makes you stand out from the surrounding businesses?Have you ever thought about incorporating those into your curb-appeal marketing strategy? You may be surprised at how big of an impact things like curbside signage or a massive outdoor awning may have for your business. Commercial awnings are a great way to market your business to anyone that passes by, and can distinguish you from the rest of the businesses around you. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that commercial awnings can have for your business.

Standing out From the Crowd

One of the greatest benefits that you can get from having a commercial awning on your business is helping you stand out from the crowd. If your business is located in a high vehicle traffic or foot traffic area, there’s a good chance that you are also sitting next to a ton of other businesses. Take note of what those businesses are and aren’t doing to distinguish themselves from the surrounding businesses. One of the best ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd is a commercial awning that is eye-catching and tells passers-by what your business is all about.

Creating More Usable Space

Another great benefit to having a commercial awning with your business is increasing the amount of usable space that you have. By getting a three-dimensional awning for your business, you can significantly extend the amount of usable space that you have outside of your business. It gives you a place to set-up booths or tables so that you can sample to or talk to people who are passing by. It gives you the opportunity to hang a sign underneath your awning to let people know about promotions or sales that you are running.

Catch the Eye of Potential Customers

We touched on this a little bit earlier, but having a commercial awning gives you a huge advantage regarding curb appeal. Whether the businesses around you are using them or not, commercial awnings can help your business pop out from the rest of the businesses and scenery around you. You can be the best at what you do in your city, but if people don’t know that you are there, how do you expect to make your business grow and prosper? Commercial awnings give you a massive canvas to let people know exactly what you do, and let them know that you are there.

Adding Lighting

Commercial awnings give you a lot of versatility, regarding things that it can accomplish that aren’t directly related to what you print on your awning. One of those things that your awning can provide is adding another source of lighting for your business. Studies have shown that clean, well-lit businesses perform better because they appear more welcoming to customers. You can add lighting to your awning sign so that people can see it better at night. You can also add lighting underneath your awning to make your business look even more welcoming.

Protection From Weather

Being a business in Florida, you know just how prone we are to having storms and heavy bouts of rain. With a commercial awning, you are also going to have some added protection from the surprising inclement, wet weather that we are so prone to having. Your awning will provide a protective umbrella for the front of your business. It can also be used as a protective device to keep the front of your business clean and prevent leaves, tree branches, and debris from falling right in front of your front door.

Having a Huge Welcome Sign

Having a commercial awning just makes your business look even more welcoming. It offers a form of openness and transparency with your customers in a friendly way that makes them feel welcome to come into your business. That awning represents you and tells people what you can do to help them. It gives your business a personal touch that can show them how and why you care.

Logos and Branding

If you have a logo, font, or any signage that is iconic of your brand or your business, an awning is a perfect place to put that. It gives you an immediate form of recognition to your customers and the loyal fans of your business.

Our professional pressure washing services can help keep your commercial building awnings looking clean and presentable. Plus, cleaning the awnings helps extend their life and use.

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