Benefits of Power Washing and Roof Cleaning Florida Homes

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destin pressure washingHomeowners in Florida are often concerned about how the inside of their homes look, but might overlook the appearance of the exterior, particularly the roof. Having a clean roof has benefits that are both aesthetic and fiscal in nature. Read below to discover the benefits of pressure washing services, power washing services, and roof cleaning services in homes in the Destin, Fl 32541 area.

Increases the life of the roof

Periodically washing a roof helps to prolong its life. Organisms such as mold, mildew, moss, and algae have a tendency to build up on a roof over time. If these organisms are not removed from the shingles, it will cause rotting, and it will be necessary to replace them. If they are left for a prolonged period, they can cause severe damage to the foundation, which results in a leaky roof. The normal life expectancy of a roof is roughly 25 years. However, the invasion of these organisms can reduce a roof’s life by as many as 10 years. Repairing, servicing, or replacing a roof are expensive solutions. Routine exterior inspections and regular power washings of a roof is an economical way to clean the roof, so it looks new again and also allows it to function the way it is intended.

Maximizes the value of the home

The passing of time, along with constant exposure to the elements, can take its toll on a roof’s exterior. A roof accounts for a large percentage of a home’s curb appeal. A roof that has large, black, streaky stains on it can raise the suspicions of prospective buyers. It sends a message about the overall care and attention the homeowners have put into the home. Cleaning the roof of a house will increase its overall value. This is particularly important for homeowners who want to sell the home. Power washing the roof will help get rid of the dirt that can build up over time. When the roof of a house is clean and free of debris, the outward appearance instantly improves.

The absence of mold reduces energy costs

Mold, mildew, and other fungi that are not removed from the surface of a roof leave pigmentation that absorbs the heat and makes the internal temperature of the house higher. Algae and fungus are a particular concern in Florida, as the climate is quite conducive to their growth. Taking care of the roof and making sure there are no organisms on it will make the inside temperature lower without having to incur the expense of turning up the air conditioning. Air conditioning costs can get astronomical in the Florida heat, and any way to reduce these costs is a welcome relief to Floridians. Power washing the exterior of the roof at the beginning of the summer is an easy and economical way to reduce the overall cost of your air conditioning bill.

Improves the health of the people inside

The cleanliness of a home’s roof can have a significant impact on the health of the people who live inside it. When a roof isn’t cared for, the mold growth on it can become excessive, particularly in the Destin, Fl heat and humidity. The mold can trigger allergic reactions in many people. Those who are not allergic to the mold can still experience adverse effects from it. The toxins created by the mold can easily be breathed in and cause respiratory issues.

Insurance considerations

Periodically cleaning the exterior of a roof can allow a homeowner to keep their homeowner’s insurance. Insurance companies are beginning to drop policyholders who do not have clean roofs. Furthermore, the insurance companies do not allow a great deal of time to have service done after the notice is given. It is important for homeowners to stay ahead of the game and clean their roofs at least once a year to keep the insurance companies at bay. An effective way to clean a roof is to hire a professional power washing service.

Power washing is easier

Roofs are notoriously difficult to clean and service. Even flat roofs can have their challenges simply because of their height. When roofs include more complex elements such as ridges and peaks, they are even more difficult to access and clean. Power washing a roof is a safe way to clean it because the water spray shoots out a far distance. This eliminates the need for someone to climb onto the roof to clean it.

Power washing the roof is eco-friendly

Power washing services clean exterior surfaces with the force of the water. Since there is no need for harsh soaps or chemicals, pressure washing a roof in this manner is much less harmful to the environment, and the Destin, Fl community.

Having a clean roof is great for aesthetics, saves the homeowner money, and is good for the homeowner’s health. For these reasons, everyone in Destin, Fl 32541 should make an effort to clean and service their roofs by power washing at least once a year.

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