How to Improve the Exterior Appearance of a Business in Florida

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commercialpressurewashing-element46The exterior look of a commercial property is just as important as the interior. People who visit a business see the outside first and will form their first impression based on how it looks. It is important to make sure the outside is aesthetically pleasing to visitors. Keep reading to learn some easy ways to improve the exterior of a business in Florida.


Businesses need good signage to attract foot traffic to their location. Signage should be visible to passersby so they should be large and easy to read. Choosing vibrant colors is also a good way to get the attention of potential customers. Be sure to occasionally power wash signage to assure it continually looks clean and attractive.

Take a minimalist approach to decorating

Often business owners like to display anything and everything they can on the windows and exterior walls of their building. They add sandwich boards or chalkboards that announce sales and specials, and they encumber the area in front of the building with merchandise from the store. The result is an area that is cluttered and overwhelming. Use a less-is-more approach to decorating the exterior of a business. The windows and walls do not need to be stark, but carefully pick and choose the decorating elements that will be hung there. Choose a few larger items that take up area but still leave some white space as well. Limit portable signage to just one that announces a sale or daily special. If sale items are going to be placed outside to entice people into the store, pick and choose the best items to put out there. Resist the temptation to move your entire inventory to the sidewalk.

Add landscaping

Adding landscaping elements is a great way to make the exterior of a building more attractive. If the business covers acres of land, it is a good idea to have the entire area landscaped with various plants and flowers and even some hardscape structures such as fountains and statuary. Small businesses that occupy a smaller amount of space can also benefit from landscaping but on a smaller scale. Simply placing some colorful flowers in large planters outside the doorway can be inviting to customers as they walk through the door.


A new coat of paint can do wonders for the exterior of a building. Since the exterior of a building is constantly subjected to the elements of weather, it quickly can become dull. It also can begin to peel and chip, which is easily overlooked by a store owner who passes it every day. Unfortunately, these aesthetic issues are glaringly noticeable to people who are visiting. Taking the time to freshen up the paint periodically can help keep the exterior of a business looking fresh and updated. Store owners who have control of their parking lots should also repaint the lines at least once a year. This is simply a courtesy to customers and other visitors who come to the store.

Keep it clean

Keeping the area around the exterior of the building neat and tidy also improves the overall aesthetics of the building. Make sure the windows are clean and free of streaks. Sweep the sidewalk directly outside the storefront and the parking lot. Take particular care to make sure the garbage bins are clean and they do not overflow with refuse. Store owners who cannot keep up with the exterior cleaning of the building on their own should consider hiring an outside service to help with the tasks they cannot complete themselves.

Fix the concrete

Concrete can easily become chipped or cracked. Not only is it unsightly, it can be hazardous as well. Always keep a close eye on the concrete around the building. When it is apparent that it needs to be fixed or replaced, fix it right away. Not only will it make the building look better, it can avoid a costly lawsuit as well.

Power wash the exterior of the building

Pressure washing can make an old and dirty building look like new. Over time, dirt and other outdoor elements build up on the exterior of a business, and it can become dull and lifeless. Getting rid of the built-up grime by power washing it can give a building a much-needed face-lift. Power washing will also get rid of old spots and stains that have been plaguing the exterior of the building. When the building has a fresh appearance, it is more welcoming for potential customers to enter.

Improving the exterior of a business requires time and effort, but the advantages are well worth it. It can help a commercial property retain customers and gain new ones. This might even help to boost the business’ bottom line.

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