Reasons to Have a Professional Power Wash the Siding of Your FL House

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residentialhousewashingandroofcleaning-element69Having the siding on your house professionally power washed is a great idea. Power washing siding has many advantages beyond just getting the house clean. Discover smart reasons to have a professional power wash the siding of your house.

Increases the value of your home

Power washing the siding on your home is the most affordable way to increase its value. Some studies have shown that power washing can increase the value as much as several thousand dollars. That is a huge difference, especially for someone who is considering selling their home now or in the future.

Improves curb appeal

Power washing a home is an effective way to remove the most stubborn dirt, grit and grime from a house. Power washing is particularly important for improving the curb appeal of a house with siding because it shows dirt more easily than other types of exteriors. When years of caked-on and ground-in dirt are removed, the result is a beautiful exterior. Power washing is so effective that it can actually negate the need for repainting the house. Plus, the cost is a fraction of the price. After a house has been power washed, neighbors will be sure the admire it. You will remember exactly why you fell in love with the house when you moved in.

Better than elbow grease

Power washing the exterior siding of the house is the best way to get it as clean as possible. It is possible to try to clean the siding using soapy water and a rag. However, that process would be incredibly time-consuming, and the result would not be nearly as good as the result of power washing.

Preventative maintenance

Power washing a house should be considered part of the general preventative maintenance of owning a home. Pressure washing a house can help you to save money on home repairs that may become costly. It also keeps the house clean, which results in the reduced likelihood of rot, decay and premature aging. Power washing can extend the life of the siding on the house, so it will not need to be replaced. Power washing the siding just once a year can add years of life to the siding and prevent costly repairs.

Protects the family

Power washing the siding on the house can protect the family that lives inside it. Pressure washing will remove harmful contaminants such as algae, mold and bacteria from the sides of the house. These contaminants can be quite harmful to people if they are left alone to fester and grow. Removing these contaminants can keep everyone in the home happy and healthy.


Power washing the siding on a house is an environmentally-friendly way to get it clean. Power washing relies on the pressure of the water to get the siding clean without using a lot of harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment, wild animals, pets and the people who live in the house.


Although it is possible to power wash a house on your own, it is better to have the job completed by a professional. The equipment that is used is under a great amount of pressure, and even the smallest mistake can result in damage to the house, or even worse, an injury to a person. Further, professionals have the most modern equipment that can complete the job more efficiently than equipment that is made available to the general public. Even though it will cost some money, it is better to leave a job like this to the professionals.

Cost savings

Hiring a professional power washing company to clean the exterior of a home can actually provide cost savings. Most homeowners do not own the equipment that is necessary for the job, so it needs to be rented. The cost of renting the equipment can be significant. Further, trying to perform the job on your own and making a mistake can result in the need for costly repairs. The money is better spent on hiring a professional with the proper knowledge and skill to get the job done right.

Power washing the siding on your home should be part of your general maintenance plan. It has many benefits for a budget-conscious price. Homeowners should keep in mind that power washing requires skill and precision. It is best done by a qualified technician with professional power washing equipment who works for a reputable power washing company.

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