5 Easy Ways to Improve the Appearance of Your FL Commercial Property

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The success of a commercial property can be dependent on its outward appearance. There are many benefits to having a well-maintained property in Florida. When a commercial property looks good, it attracts tenants to occupy the spaces as well as customers to provide business for the tenants. Commercial property managers can use the following guidelines to help them get started on the right track for beautifying their Florida properties.

1. Update signage

Signage at a commercial property is often overlooked. If the signage has not been updated in awhile, it might be time to do so. When considering new signage for a commercial property, it should be adequately and appropriately sized in relation to the rest of the property’s architecture. New signage should be easy to read and clearly state the name of the property as well as its intended purpose. Placement of the signage is also important. Signs should not be placed where they will not be easily seen, such as blocked by large trees or other structures. When choosing new signage, property managers should consider different styles, sizes, materials, and fonts before deciding on the best one. Also, if there is any chance of a name change for the property, this is a good time to make that decision, as the signage can be used to reflect the new name.

2. Improve landscaping

The landscaping of a commercial property is an important part of its overall appearance. It is often the first part of the property that passers-by and visitors will notice. Therefore, it is vital for property managers to take special care in making sure it is up to snuff. There should be a sufficient amount of seasonal flowers, plants, and trees around the property. Flora is not the only element of landscaping to which attention must be paid. Landscaped areas on commercial properties should also include focal points such as statuary and fountains. These elements will beautify the area as well as act as visual blockers for unsightly structures such as power lines and trash receptacles. There should be an adequate amount of lighting throughout the landscape to spotlight the various elements of the landscape and illuminating the area as a safety measure.

3. Pressure washing

Pressure washing the buildings and other structures on a commercial property make the buildings on the property look newer and boosts curb appeal. Good power washing will result in a clean exterior and has many other benefits. Power washing will eliminate unsightly marks on the building that are caused by bird droppings, mold, moss, graffiti, and grimy dirt. Making sure these unappealing mars are off of the building help to ensure the buildings are visually pleasing. It also helps to keep the buildings in good shape, as this type of dirt can cause damage such as rotting and other types of corrosion to the buildings. The buildings are not the only structures on commercial properties that can benefit from power washing. Sidewalks and walkways can be cleared of old gum and garbage stains. Other areas that can benefit from power washing include parking areas, loading docks, garbage pick-up areas, and awnings.

4. Go green

Updating a commercial property to be more ecologically conscious has many benefits. Updating buildings to include earth-friendly features, such as solar panels, is aesthetically attractive and ecologically advantageous. Commercial properties that incorporate green, ecologically-friendly features can reap many benefits. Tenants and customers will appreciate the fact that the building is eco-friendly and will be more apt to spend money there. Though there is an initial investment to create a more ecologically friendly environment, there will be significant money savings in the long run. Additional benefits to having an earth-friendly commercial property include higher property values and tax benefits.

5. Constant maintenance

An important point to remember when running a commercial property is that taking care of it and making sure it always looks updated is an ongoing responsibility. Keeping a commercial property appealing needs to be done on a regular basis. When small steps continue to be taken, the property will remain in good repair with few costly repairs or emergencies.

Keeping a commercial in good repair is a major responsibility for property managers. But having a well-maintained property will help increase the number of tenants at the property and boost business. Although taking care of a commercial property in Florida takes a lot of work, the payoff is well worth the effort.

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