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4 Great Ways to Keep Your Florida Home Well-Maintained

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residentialhousewashingandroofcleaning-element46Owning a home in Florida is a huge responsibility. Many people who buy property in this state think they can just move in and forget it. However, homes need to be properly cared for throughout the year in order to keep them in top condition. Taking the necessary time to make sure every part of the home is in proper working order can make any home a dream home. Here are some essential ways to get you started on taking care of your home in Florida.

Termite and mold inspection

Even if a home is not made of wood, it is a good idea to have an annual termite and mold inspection. Termite and mold inspections are relatively inexpensive and can save a homeowner a lot of undue stress. The peace of mind a homeowner can have knowing the house is of free of pests and mold is priceless.


Landscaping in Florida is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also functional. Having strategically placed trees and shrubbery can protect a home and its dwellers from the sweltering heat and humidity the state is known for. Further, putting together a landscape and maintaining it is a great hobby many people enjoy. An added benefit to a landscaped yard is that it is good for the environment. Having the perfect landscape in a yard is easy.

Create an interactive yard suggest creating an interactive yard to start a landscaping project. Their online tool can help any Floridian homeowner create the perfect garden space that includes plants and flowers that are native to the area. Many of these plants require little to no fertilization or irrigation, so caring for them is simple.

Get help from a professional

Those who do not have the time nor inclination to take on a landscaping project on their own, should look into hiring a professional gardener or landscaper to do the project. Florida has many professionals in this area who can help create the garden of any homeowner’s dreams.

Take care of the air conditioning system

In many parts of Florida air conditioning is a necessity rather than a luxury during most of the year. Air conditioning does little good if the system does not function properly. It is essential that homeowners keep their air conditioning systems clean and working properly. Despite the type of system someone has, the care and maintenance of an air conditioning system is similar.

Cleaning the condenser

Make sure the power leading to the condenser is shut off. If the power for the condenser can’t be found, turn off the power for the entire system at the electrical panel. Clean the fins with a soft brush. Take extra care so they are not crushed. If they do get bent or crushed, call a professional technician to have them fixed. Gain access to the interior by unscrewing the fan in order to more easily access the interior region. Vacuum the debris and hose off the fins. Check for lubrication ports. Some newer models do not need to be lubricated so there will be no ports. If there are ports, add five drops of electric motor oil to each. Restart the unit to check for proper cooling. After the unit has been on for about 10 minutes, feel the insulated tube to make sure it is cool. The non-insulated tube should be warm.

Indoor unit

Don’t forget to clean the indoor unit of the air conditioner as well. Be sure to shut the power off, change the filters, vacuum out all visible dust and debris, lubricate any available ports, check for algae, and clean the drain tube.

Keeping the roof and exterior clean

Cleaning the roof and exterior of a Floridian home is an important part of maintaining it. A clean roof not only benefits aesthetics, it helps to keep the house healthy. Roofs that are not properly maintained tend to get black streaks, which are actually bacteria that can shorten the life of roof shingles. The bacteria can also affect the overall functionality of the home. Cleaning a roof should be approached with great care. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions, and when in doubt, contact a qualified professional.

A home’s exterior is often easy to overlook, but doing so is a mistake. Don’t underestimate the power of curb appeal. Improving the curb appeal of a house is easy. At least once a year, pressure wash the exterior of the house. This is a great way to get rid of all the built-up grit and grime that can make a house look dull. Take some time to touch up the paint on the trim as well. Paint can be compromised by the outdoor elements and a touch-up can brighten its dull appearance.

Making just a little effort to care for a Floridian home can ensure it stays in optimal condition for years to come.

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