Types of Florida Businesses That Benefit From Pressure and Power Washing

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commercialpressurewashing-element46Power and pressure washers are versatile cleaners that have a multitude of uses. Many different types of Florida businesses are able to find a variety of uses for power and pressure washers. Although some uses for these washers are fairly obvious, some are quite surprising.

Aircraft service and maintenance and airports

Businesses that use airplanes and other types of aircraft can benefit greatly from power washing. Using a power washer can clean airplane engines as well as other functioning parts. Power cleaning is also ideal for service areas and it can even de-ice a plane. At an airport, power washing can be used to clear runways and hangers and clean running markers and lights.

Amusement parks

Florida has no shortage of amusement parks. Those in charge of cleaning them can find many uses for power washing. Power washers are great for cleaning roller coasters as well as other rides that get heavy use throughout an ordinary day at the park. They are also good for getting the grit and grime off of the sidewalks and other walkways that get traversed by thousands of people daily. Food courts, concession stands, eating areas, and restrooms get lots of use and abuse throughout the day, but a good power or pressure washing can make them look like new.

Apartment and condominium complexes

Apartments and condominium complexes in Florida see lots of daily activity and therefore have lots of places that need to be pressure cleaned. Power cleaners are great for cleaning sidewalks that get lots of use as well as parking lots that not only see heavy in-and-out traffic all day but are also subject to oil spills and other big messes. Swimming pools at large complexes can also be teeming with germs and bacteria that can easily cleaned away by a pressure cleaning. Heating and air conditioning units get lots of use and abuse in a living complex that also can be alleviated by a strong power cleaning.

Breweries and other bottling companies

Bottling beverages needs to be done in a clean and sanitary area. Using a pressure cleaner in these areas is a perfect way to assure everything is safe and free of harmful bacteria. Pressure cleaners can be used to clean the entire storage and processing areas to make sure the highest cleanliness standards are met. It is also wise to use pressure cleaners to clean the processing equipment. Delivery trucks can also be cleaned with pressure cleaners to assure the bottled beverages remain uncontaminated.

Car dealers, service and repair centers

Everyone wants a pristine looking car lot when they’re shopping for a new vehicle. Pressure cleaners can help achieve that look, both for the grounds and for the vehicles. Pressure cleaners are great for making sure all of the parts of a car are cleaned are ready for viewing. They’re great for keeping the body as well as the engine clean, plus they’re perfect for making white wall tires shine.


Although a cemetery might seem like an odd place to implement a pressure cleaner, it actually has many uses there. Pressure cleaners can be used to keep a cemetery’s excavation equipment and other vehicles clean and free of caked on dirt. They can also be used on the gravestones to keep them clean and free of dirt and other weather-related elements that can damage them.


Farms are great places to use pressure washers. They are the perfect cleaning tools for the not-so-pleasant messes around the farm. When animal pens and barns get full of mud, muck, and manure, pressure cleaners can get the mess off quite effortlessly. Tractors and other farm equipment have a tendency to get full of caked on dirt and other messes that are no problem for a pressure washer to take care of.

Golf courses

If Florida has more of something than amusement parks, it’s golf courses. Managers or courses pride themselves on not only their well-manicured greens but on appearance of their clubhouse and other amenities as well. One way to keep everything looking in tip-top shape is to use a pressure washer. Using a pressure washer on the golf carts and mowing equipment will assure that all the lawn clippings are blasted off. It will also keep the engines and other parts of the carts clean, which will help to ensure they are in good working order for the guests. In the food areas, patios, and cart paths, a good power cleaning can make sure the areas are free of old food, gum, and grime that can spoil the visit for golfers.


Stadiums can get a lot of heavy usage during a concert or sporting event. People tend to spill food and beverages frequently. Oftentimes nefarious stadium-goers will vandalize seats, walls, and restrooms with graffiti. Pressure cleaners can remove evidence of all of these issues. They can also clean heavily-used concession areas, parking lots, and sidewalks.

Retail Stores

Retail stores need to be clean and well-maintained to attract more customers. People expect to shop at a store that is in good shape without visible dirt or debris. Additionally, stores located in malls tend to bring in a lot of traffic. The building, roof sidewalks and parking lots need to be properly cleaned at all times to ensure retail stores look more inviting.

These are but a few of the many Floridian industries that can benefit from power cleaning with a pressure washer. Just about any business or industry can find at least one if not many uses for this versatile way of cleaning.

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