5 Reasons To Power Wash Your Florida Roof

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roofcleaning-element70As the hurricane season in Florida comes to a close, many homeowners can breathe a sigh of relief that their roofs will no longer be pounded by howling winds and forceful rain. However, the calm after the storm leaves another problem – what to do with roofs that are covered in leaves and debris, or streaked with algae, mold, and moss. The answer is zero or low pressure power washing – a gentle process that uses water to remove these unwanted elements from your roof without causing additional damage. Take a look at these five reasons to power wash your Florida roof. Consider taking on the process and all of its benefits.

1. Black algae

The humid, tropical climate of Florida is a perfect breeding ground for black algae, which appears as black streaks on roofs and grows quickly. This organism takes advantage of the moisture on roofs, and damages the roof by expanding between tiles or throughout the roofing material. This can damage the roof as the algae expands. Furthermore, the black color of the algae absorbs more heat, which raises the energy bill in the long run. Zero or low pressure power washing will remove this problem before it grows too much worse.

2. Leaves and debris

After storms move through, they leave behind significant pileups of leaves, sticks, dirt, and even rocks on rooftops, all of which damage the roof and can store moisture that can breed organisms such as mold and fungus. Large pileups can seep through the tiles and even break through the roof if enough time elapses. To avoid this, it is important to remove the debris soon after the storm passes through.

3. Moss and mold

Moss is a green plant that, like algae, takes advantage of the moisture on roofs to grow and expand. Mold, similarly, is a fungus that also lives in the moist environment of roof tiles or gutters. Both of these organisms are highly damaging to roofs, as they rot wood and break apart tiles, leading to premature aging of the roof. Zero or low pressure power washing will save time and money in the long run, as it will wash away moss and mold before they cause significant damage to the roof.

4. Rain and streaking

Many homeowners naturally want their homes to look as good as possible, and even if there are not large pileups of debris or streaks of mold on the roof, it still grows dirty over time, as rain and wind take their toll. What was previously white becomes gray, and once-shiny tiles become dull. Gentle yet effective, zero or low pressure power washing cleans the roof thoroughly, restoring it to a pristine state.

5. Energy

It may seem like an unintended consequence, but having streaks of algae on the roof can raise your home’s energy bill – the dark color of the algae absorbs more heat, which increases your cooling costs in the long run. Zero or low pressure power washing will remove this organism so that the extra costs don’t become a burden, and you can save money and energy.
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